Here is how you can set up your referral campaign on rehook dashboard


Rehook helps you build highly customisable multi-tiered referral campaigns for your users.

In this guide we will take you through the referral campaign builder to set up your own referral campaign.

Key Terms

Reward Rules - The rules set up during the referral campaign builder that determine when to reward the advocate and friend, and what to reward them with.

Advocate - The advocate, also known as the referrer, is the owner of the referral code. The advocate can share his or her code with other users to redeem on signup.

Friend - The receiver of the referral code. The friend redeems the referral code received from the advocate when signing-up. Actions performed by the friend on the app are called events and are rewarded as per the rules set-up in the campaign.

Events - Actions taken by the customers on your application. These events are passed to the Rehook dashboard using the API. In referral campaigns all events tracked are performed by the friend.

Creating a New Referral Campaign

  1. From the Admin Dashboard select Campaigns on left-side panel
  2. Click +Create Campaign
  3. In Campaign Types, Click +Create on referral campaign
  4. Fill in the following sections to activate your first referral campaign