Loyalty campaign integration is essential for validating action-based campaign rules set in the Rehook platform. This ensures that applicable users are rewarded when they complete defined actions.

Examples include:

  1. Rewarding the user with a 50% coupon when they place an order worth a minimum of $500.
  2. Awarding 100 points to the user upon completing the KYC verification process.
  3. Giving 5% cashback points to the user on every successful order.

APIs required

  1. To complete the loyalty campaign integration, you only need to integrate the following API to send custom events completed on your application. Whenever these events are streamed to Rehook, our system will validate the campaign rules and reward the user if the criteria are met.

API documentation link: Trigger event API

  1. Time based campaign: If you have created a time-based campaign to nudge the user by applying psychological principles to complete a set of actions, you need to integrate the following API to show the progress of user actions.

There are two types of time based actions:

  1. Actions with time: The user needs to complete the target action within a given timeframe (days, minutes, or hours) from a benchmark action to unlock the intended reward.
    Example: Complete the KYC verification within 3 days of sign-up. Here, sign-up is the benchmark action, and KYC verification is the target action
  2. Inaction with time: The user will get a reward if they do not complete the target action within the given timeframe from a benchmark event.
    Example: The user will get 20% off if they add items to the cart but do not complete the purchase within 30 minutes.
    Please note that you don't have to show the action progress in this case, as the user shouldn't be notified about actions they shouldn't take to unlock a reward.

API documentation link: Reward progress API