A milestone campaign is a specialized type of action-based campaign where users are given specific targets to achieve within a defined time frame. These targets are designed to encourage ongoing engagement and reward users for their continued interaction with your platform. By completing the set milestones, users can unlock various levels and earn rewards, fostering a sense of achievement and loyalty.

Examples include:

  1. Complete 10 orders to unlock level 1, and complete 20 orders to unlock level 2.
  2. Place an orders worth $500 in a month to win a 50% coupon for the next 10 orders.

APIs required

API namePurposeAPI doc link
Trigger event APITo send custom events from your application to rehoook platform to validate the campaign rule
Reward progress API1. To create milestone progress UI on your application.

2. Milestone API enables you to track a customer's progress towards a set milestone.
For example, customers can earn 100 points by placing 10 successful orders. In this case, the target action is 10 orders, and the number of orders placed will be tracked as completed tasks.