A leaderboard campaign is a dynamic and engaging feature that ranks users based on their performance or achievements within a specific context, such as points earned, purchases made, or tasks completed. It encourages healthy competition among users, driving participation and motivating them to strive for the top positions on the leaderboard. This gamified approach enhances user engagement and fosters a sense of community within your platform.

Examples includes:

  1. Top referrals leaderboard: To reward the top 10 advocates who have done most number of successful referrals.
  2. Top orders leaderboard: To reward the top 20 users who have placed maximum number of orders in 3 month

Integration flow

  1. Setup leaderboard campaign with a tracking event
  2. Send the tracking event to rehook platform whenever user completes an intended action your application
  3. Show the leaderboard table on your application UI

APIs required

API NamePurposeAPI doc link
Trigger event APITo send the leaderboard tracking event like 'order_placed'
Get leaderboardTo fetch the leaderboard details of a given leaderboard campaign to show it on leaderboard UI on your application